A people and animal friendly product

that really works!

Our "Head of the Herd" Horse spray contains steam distilled Citronella and Eucalyptus Essential Oils.

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No hot water in your barn? Burrs? Mud? Dirt?

Mane and tail full of tangles?


Head of the Herd is a great year round product! Has no silicone therefore no build up.

Winter is here!  Head of the Herd is a YEAR-ROUND product, but for best results, don't let it freeze.

  • ·         Use as a waterless wash, get all that mud and dirt off before you saddle up.
  • ·         No Silicone, groom your horse and saddle upright away.
  • ·         Great as a detangler! Softens Burrs for easy brush out, and a great conditioner for tail and mane


Remember ONE product does it all “ Head of the Herd”


Head of the Herd  MULTIPURPOSE Horse Spray:

• A Grooming Spray: Leaves a soft, healthy coat with no sticky residue!

• A Deodorizer: With a slightly sweet but gentle aroma 

• A Waterless Wash: Spray on your steed (or spray on your brush) and wipe down your horse

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NO Silicone

Contains natural source essential oils, including imported, steam-distilled

 Citronella and Eucalyptus